Drawer units

美观和实用。这两个原则指导着 Molteni&C 抽屉柜的设计。一个实例是 Dante Bonuccelli 设计的 4040,它是科技和日常生活相碰撞的结果:它的结构像按压式抽屉一样,由包裹着橡木或桉木的杨木制成。Luca Meda 是 Molteni&C 历史上重要的设计师之一,凭借 909 把多功能性提到新高度,一系列的抽屉柜和储物柜可独立或组合使用,大量可选的饰面 (不透明漆面,亮光漆面,彩色或蚀刻玻璃)。Gliss Master 是 Vincent Van Duysen 的设计创造之一,不管从科技还是纯粹的美学看,都是未来派的,而从中诞生了 Gliss Master Island。独立部件适合完善步入式衣柜的衣帽间区域:该产品独有的特征包括储物格盘和优雅的生态皮搁板。Teorema 由 Ron Gilad 设计,比起储物柜,更像是一件艺术品。它几乎是 Grado° 的对立面,Grado° 系列呈现空白的形状,同样出自这位以色列设计大师之手。Teorema 是其反面。它是一系列具有菱形结构的储物柜,菱形结构来自包裹着桉木或卡纳莱托胡桃木的单个表面。可单独使用的叠加部件,创造了重新定义室内的独特组合。接着是米兰设计师 Rodolfo Dordoni 设计的现代床头柜。606 是一系列雅致、低调和结构精良的储物柜:设计于 2010 年,抽屉柜的正面不带把手,而它的顶面可选玻璃或大理石材质。比较新的 5050 可看作是对该主题的发展:它是一个卧室家具系列,采用亮光和不透明漆面,以及木质桌面和生态皮收纳盘。它是空白和实体的交互作用。

Casper, by Vincent Van Duysen, is a rigorous, minimalist modern bedside table with drawers. Surfaces in glossy or matte lacquer, painted pewter or copper, alternate with tops in eucalyptus wood or graphite oak. The surface is covered in Eco Skin in homogeneous shades of color. Being both functional and simple at the same time, Casper is perfect for all the sleeping environments proposed by Molteni&C. Vincent Van Duysen also signs Gliss Master Island, an innovative modern chest of drawers for the closet area or a walk-in closet. Some of its distinctive elements are the storage trays, transparent drawers with glass front and refined eco-skin tops.


Rodolfo Dordoni's 7070 system is designed to meet the needs of contemporary living. Fine materials and finishes are combined with a sober and elegant design for new aesthetic-functional solutions. The system is composed of two main elements: small, modern nightstands and dressers with a front with rounded corners, which gives lightness to the structure. The 5050 system is characterized by the richness of the materials used and a rigorous design. Surfaces in glossy or matte lacquer alternate with tops in essence and trays in Eco Skin, thus creating a pleasant chromatic alternation that emphasizes the play between solids and voids. The series of drawer units in the 606 collection, on the other hand, consists of elegant, understated elements.

The 4040 structure, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, is the ideal companion to Molteni&C's wide range of beds. Generously shaped frame and drawers rest on a pewter-colored metal base. The top is always in wood or marble. 909, by Luca Meda, is a flexible system of drawer furniture with push or handle opening that is completed with an elegant open compartment. Teorema, by Ron Gilad, is a single element that can become modular, overlapping several individual elements to create bedside tables, drawer units, or compositions for the living area. The creation is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and mechanical innovation.


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