Design – Constance Guisset

Design – Constance Guisset


Design – Constance Guisset at the Chapelle des Calvairienne in Mayenne introduces us seven years of work, orientated on design, scenography and video. This first personal exhibition in a 17th-century chapel transformed into an art center, is the opportunity to show the connection between different works in design, scenography and video. It also unveils the creation process by presenting hundreds of scale models that illustrate incessant shape experimentation. The nave hosts edited objects. Lamps, armchairs, mirrors, benches, pieces of cutlery, etc. are hung from the ceiling to the ground. The whole scene is visible at first sight but allows the visitor to experience several successive sensations and perspectives. The two lateral chapels are focused on video and scenography. In the first room, the visitor is invited to discover a movie from a round sofa made of Mayenne fabric. The second chapel houses a light installation, a “drapé” tailored for the space that illustrates the in situ scenographic work. Just behind the wall-altarpiece, the choir of nuns is occupied by a multitude of models. A garden of miniatures is placed on the ground while generous models fly suspended in the air like a collection of clothes framed in coat racks. Along the walls lay pictures-legends that trace the review of work in photography.

Design – Constance Guisset
Design – Constance Guisset

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