New opening Auckland Boutique

New opening Auckland Boutique


Molteni&C|Dada is pleased to announce the opening of its first Boutique in Auckland, in partnership with Dawson & Co, leading designers of prestigious home furnishings and a benchmark for design, taking a significant step towards qualifying its distribution network in the New Zealand strategic market.

The gracious space hosts the new Molteni&C|Dada Boutique, which beautifully displays the brands’ most iconic designs and distinctive pieces, enabling visitors to enjoy a total, immersive experience, while demonstrating their enduring legacy and timeless sense of style to the affluent, sophisticated and style conscious demographic.

Distinguishing elements of the space includes matt polished concrete floors and the walls of each space are decorated with a distinctive colour: from petroleum to anthracite, finishing with a splendid wooden boiserie, giving a strong character to the respective individual space.
Visitors will be immersed in a sequence of evocative settings and in the emotion of alternating spaces and the structures of the products, each representing the hallmark features of Molteni&C|Dada.

The dynamic Paul seating system with Alisee small tables and the iconic D.151.4 armchair, together with a modern and elegant 505 are effectively showcased.

The following room opens into a large kitchen area featuring a modern Intersection kitchen.

A sophisticated night area furnished with the generous Gliss Master wardrobe system and soft Azul bed follows.
The result is a single hub of Italian design excellence.

Molteni&C|Dada Boutique

107-115 The Strand,
Parnell, 1010,

Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun 10:00am-5:00pm


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