Jan 2018 · Saadaki Anmi ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
Yasuhiko Itoh

The surprising story of the pioneer of Japanese design

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Mar 2008 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°02
In my SKiN

Meeting Jean Nouvel

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Jan 2009 · Cristiana Colli ·  M MAGAZINE N°03

Biasiucci's hands travel through territories and landscapes, stations, alleys and stables, crossing the uninhabited places and industrial productions of Brianza. They are hands that understand and work because they think.

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Apr 2010 · Maria Perosino ·  M MAGAZINE N°04

Quality what, Quality how, Quality for whom. The speech to Alessandro Bergonzoni cultured juggler of paradoxes, and to Aldo Bonomi, tireless traveler in the territories of doing.

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Apr 2010 · Vanni Pasca ·  M MAGAZINE N°04
Hannes Wettstein

Swiss design has a solid modern tradition.

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Apr 2011 · Vanni Pasca ·  M MAGAZINE N°05
Angelo Mangiarotti

Unifor + Molteni&C

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Oct 2016 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°10

Flemish rigor and milanese elegance in Molteni&C|Dada mood by Vincent Van Duysen


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Apr 2022 · Alberto Ferlenga ·  M MAGAZINE N°15
Luca Meda’s small architectures

In a fertile moment for Italian architecture, one that developed between the end of the Sixties and the end of the Eighties, the confines between spheres such as design, interiors and architecture were undoubtedly less clear-cut than they are today.

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Mar 2021 · ANNA BATES ·  M MAGAZINE N°14

We catch up with Cypriot-born designer Michael Anastassiades at his studio in Camden, north London, to discuss the intricacies of his first product for Molteni&C, the Half a Square table.

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