New 2023 campaign
19 September 2023
New 2023 campaign
The 2023 campaign was photographed in a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Roman ‘Domus’, bringing to life the architectural concept that inspired the collection.

Under the creative direction of Vincent Van Duysen, the 2023 campaign invites you into a captivating harmony of history and modernity, where the ancient Roman 'Domus' finds new meaning in a contemporary context. The campaign unfolds within the walls of a modern interpretation of this timeless architectural concept, serving as the perfect backdrop to showcase the inspirations behind the 2023 Collection.

“Home is once again the beating heart.”

Vincent Van Duysen

This reinterpretation goes beyond the physical, capturing the essence of Roman design philosophy. The inner portico, adorned with columns, embraces the garden, creating a space for otium, or leisure in nature. It's here that we draw our inspiration, merging the classical with the contemporary, and the indoors with the outdoors.

Throughout the campaign, you'll encounter the work of leading figures in architecture and design, from creative director Vincent Van Duysen to Herzog & de Meuron, Naoto Fukasawa, Gio Ponti, and others, across proposals for every room of the home. Renowned artist Roberto Ruspoli underscores the aesthetic with his famous hand-drawn frescoes.

Embark on a journey where history and innovation converge, where the past inspires the present, and where the 'domus' concept reimagines the art of living.

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From the living room to the dining area, the home office to outdoors, 2023 Collection offers a diverse selection designed to fill every space with comfort and elegance.

The sun-filled living room showcases the Augusto Sofa and Mateo Table by Vincent Van Duysen, the Porta Volta chair by Herzog & de Meuron , and the iconic D.154.2 by Gio Ponti.


Kitchen solutions continue to highlight the elemental balance between exquisite design and flawless function.

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The Hi-line 6 Frame Door and the Atelier Column by Vincent Van Duysen present seamlessly integrated opportunities for crafting one-of-a-kind designs for the home’s most frequented space.

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Walk-in Closets

The bedroom becomes a temple with expansive possibilities, to define according to one's most personal desires.

Gliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen present the bedroom as a special space for repose, reflection, and reinvention.

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