Molteni at Salone del Mobile 2022 Milano
21 July 2022
Molteni at Salone del Mobile 2022 Milano

60esimo anniversario

That of 2022 was not just any edition for the Salone del Mobile in Milan: the event that traditionally brings together the excellence of Italian and international design has in fact celebrated its 60th anniversary, an occasion that Molteni, a company founded in 1948 and now one of the milestones of the Milanese event, wanted to make the most of to demonstrate the latest news to visitors, who have finally returned to fill the pavilions of the Rho Fiera Milano center after the many months characterized by Covid restrictions.

Concept and Future Expained in a few SQM

By forcing us for a long time, much longer than desired, within the home, the pandemic has necessarily triggered a reasoning on the level of quality of the environment in which we live. As always attentive to changes, which is often also anticipated, Molteni took the opportunity given by the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan to propose the narrative project Molteni&C | Dada 2022, directed by the designer and long-run collaborator Vincent Van Duysen, who promotes a new living concept, of which the quality of the environments and the possibility of living the house in every space represent the essential cornerstones. Within this context, light becomes a fundamental element and at the same time part of the design of the home environment, thanks to light partitions, lines and shapes that contribute to creating dynamic and fluid spaces, thus favoring exploration by the human being, who is also invited to rediscover contact with nature through large openings towards verandas and terraces. In this way Vincent Van Duysen has managed to design a welcoming and warm house, which only hints at the modernist movement and focuses above all on the possibility of enjoying convivial and well-connected environments, which renounce the idea of pomp as an end in itself, leaving room for a new concept of living well-being to be lived to the full.

These sensations are also supported by the choice of finishes in woods such as natural oak and eucalyptus, which through their visible grain or hand brushing are sensual to the touch, so as to further accentuate the concept of comfort. The furnishings and modular systems are also fused with the architecture itself, establishing a dialogue between the different components that recalls the dynamism, holistic well-being and organic playfulness that VVD has placed at the center of this project. At the same time, among the novelties presented by Molteni during the Milanese event, Living Box also stands out, which looks like a sideboard developed starting from a real architectural project then adapted to the domestic environment, or Cleo, a system of modular sofas conceived always by Van Duysen which, depending on your tastes, allows you to play with the various coverings available for the shell and cushions in order to obtain a contrasting or more harmonious solution.

Molteni opens the New Flagship Store in Paris

The left bank of the Seine, and more precisely the Rue de Saints Pères, is the place chosen by the Molteni group to inaugurate the new Molteni&C | Dada flagship store in Paris, where you can discover the most exclusive collections of the two companies. Art director del progetto è stato ancora una volta Vincent Van Duysen, che ha curato la realizzazione di uno spazio di 550 mq che secondo lo stesso architetto e designer “coniuga lo spirito della Ville Lumière con lo stile sofisticato ma sobrio di Molteni”. The art director of the project was once again Vincent Van Duysen, who oversaw the construction of a space of 550 square meters which, according to the architect and designer himself, “combines the spirit of the Ville Lumière with the sophisticated but sober style of Molteni”. The two exhibition levels of the building, connected to each other by an elegant travertine staircase and brass finishes, are characterized by warm grays, high brass portals and smoked oak ceilings, which define a sober but complex style, ranging from in step with that of Molteni&C.

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