20 October 2022

Inside the modern kitchen, an environment that is increasingly connected to the rest of the house, aesthetics and functionality must always go hand in hand: in order to combine these two aspects, one of the best options is certainly offered by steel, a material that in fact is the absolute protagonist of several DADA kitchens.
Able to combine well with even brighter colors, steel in any case shows a much appreciated shade, making it even more attractive thanks to exclusive finishes and perfect for those who love to furnish rooms with an industrial style.
However, fundamental characteristics for this environment, such as resistance to catching eyes, to heat and to which the stains can be cleaned easily, are also guiding towards the choice of a kitchen with a stainless steel top. All these qualities, combined at a reasonable cost, or even advantageous if compared to other solutions, make steel the perfect material for creating beautiful and functional design kitchens, as done by DADA with different models, among which Vincent's Intersection stands out, Vela or Trim.


For example, there are those who first of all want a kitchen that can last over time while preserving the quality of its elements, thus putting resistance on top of everything else. Then the lovers of the culinary world that are aware of how much they will be in this environment for their experiments in the kitchen, first of all need kitchens that are easy to clean, so that a few minutes are enough to restore absolute hygiene. Finally, there are those who are looking for a clean and elegant design in the kitchen, perhaps to give continuity to other domestic environments.
Whichever the choice, thanks to unparalleled versatility, steel satisfies any need or desire. Always attentive to the tastes of the public, DADA knows this well and for this reason has decided to use this material in many DADA kitchens, whether it is the tops or other elements more or less in evidence, from hoods to drawers, up to the seats.


DADA chooses Foster as a partner company for the realization of the stainless steel tops, a reality that is always attentive to the latest technological innovations in order to obtain high-performance and superior quality materials.
The deep research behind its creation allows the steel chosen by DADA to advertise a greater thickness than the average and an extraordinary strength, ensuring a long life of products made from this material, which is also totally recyclable.


In questi casi, inoltre, la scelta di una finitura lucida o a specchio può essere la mossa vincente per aggiungere ulteriore luminosità ad un ambiente contemporaneo.
Soltanto dal vivo, però, sarà possibile capire gli abbinamenti migliori per la tua cucina, un motivo in più per venire nel nostro Flagship Store Molteni&C in Corso Europa 2, Milano per conoscere tutte le ultime novità DADA in acciaio.
To convince more and more people to opt for a steel kitchen are not only aspects such as hygiene or great resistance, but also a design of great charm, even in its essentiality, and easy to find harmonious combinations.
Applied within an environment that has strong classic references, the steel elements create a sharp contrast but at the same time aesthetically pleasing, as in the case of combination with colored ceramics or other decorative solutions, able to add liveliness to the typical gray of stainless steel.
We must also not forget the possibility of "playing" with the finishes, such as the opaque ones capable of bringing more warmth to the interior of the kitchen.
This material, however, also and above all is contemporary: in a modern kitchen, in fact, steel helps to enhance the design of the entire environment and is easily taken up by other elements, such as exposed pipes, the storage compartments inside drawers or utensils that are hung on the walls.
In these cases, moreover, the choice of a glossy or mirror finish can be the rewarding move to add further brightness to a contemporary environment.
Only live, however, will it be possible to understand the best combinations for your kitchen, one more reason to come to our Molteni & C Flagship Store in Corso Europa 2, Milan to find out about all the latest DADA steel news.

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