22 September 2022

Comfort is an experience that, in the world of design, must start from the first glance: in fact, the captivating shapes of the Surf sofa by Molteni, before any other element, strike the eye and invite the user to experience its comfort, thanks to immediately perceptible ergonomics, thanks to the soft and rounded lines that characterize this modular sofa suitable for more spacious and luxurious environments, both in the world of hospitality and in residential projects.
The characteristics of Surf come from the mind of Canadian designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, whose studio oversaw a project with a strong personality, made each time unique by the customer, who has the possibility to choose from a vast assortment of leathers and fabrics.


Everything starts from a point of view: this was also the case for Surf, which the Yabu Pushelberg studio began designing from a seat located “in a house overlooking the beach, while we were watching the waves”. According to the designer duo, "the final design reflects that fluidity and undulation. It is important that the design is clear to the eye, but it is also important that it has its own voice ”.
It is precisely the feeling of being lulled by the waves, like a boat on a calm sea, that is conveyed by observing the Surf modular sofa system. The rounded shapes, further enhanced by the backrests, slightly protruding backwards, which embrace the entire structure, give an idea of ​​comfort that resists any possible combination of the various elements.
To complete the picture, making this comfort even more unique and personal, a vast assortment of fabrics available for upholstery, such as canvas, linen, bouclé, chenille and velvet, in the most original shades. Alternatively, for those who want to give their sofa a more decisive personality, there are numerous choices also in leather.


Compositional flexibility is one of the constants of Molteni sofas, always characterized by a high amount of customization, and Surf by Yabu Pushelberg is no exception.
Born from the experience of the Canadian studio in the field of hospitality, this modular system can adapt to other realizzations, whether it be hotels or offices, simply by playing with the straight, corner and chaise longue elements, to be combined at will and then joined to the terminal structures, recognizable by the partial lack of the backrest.
This freedom obviously represents the pillar on which the compositional originality of the Surf collection rests, which also includes a "valet stand" table characterized by a marble base and the wood top, as well as being equipped with a handle that allows it to be moved without difficulty. , effectively transforming it into a comfortable extension of the sofa.


Molteni sofas transformed the logic of simple furnishings because they are able to entirely change an environment only with their presence, giving it character and elegance, for example.
This is not a trick, but an important design work by the numerous internationally renowned designers who collaborate with Molteni: Rodolfo Dordoni, Hannes Wettstein and Ferruccio Laviani are just a few names, to which Vincent Van Duysen must necessarily be added as the creative director of the brand.
Thanks to the careful study behind each collection, Molteni understands the importance of flexibility and originality, two essential characteristics for the modern sofa which in fact are among the most appreciated by customers, who from time to time, depending on the needs and of his own tastes, he manages to give shape to unique projects thanks to the freedom to compose the available elements at will.
Finally, the quality of the finishes offered is the other flagship store of the Molteni network, able to further enhance the products through the countless options available, which help to create a close link between the sofa and the environment in which is placed.

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