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For the 2023 Collection, the column domain is enriched with the new Atelier model designed by Vincent Van Duysen. Columns are elements that can be introduced across all collections, designed to embellish the kitchen thanks to their functional, equipped, and impactful niches, fully customizable.

由 设计 Vincent Van Duysen


The version created by the Belgian designer can be left open or confined with VVD, Flair, or Stripe framed doors. The tall units follow the philosophy of customization, bringing the bespoke construction concept typical of Molteni&C. The finishes of the backsplashes, shelves, and drawers can be chosen to suit one’s needs, creating different aesthetic solutions. Shelves are available in different finishes, such as glass, ceramic, staves, eco skin, or wood.

Van Duysen adds to the already available accessories, introducing a new bottle holder in eco skin complete with cup holder, designed to offer a solution that is as practical as it is elegant for displaying drinks.

The drawer block is available in two types: with the exclusive Vionaro movement, with its patented anodized aluminium side, or with all four sides in wood. The interchange of materials and the play of solids and voids result in a dynamic and highly sophisticated proposal.

VVD door


Flair doors


由 设计

Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen于1962年出生于比利时的洛克伦,毕业于根特的圣.卢卡斯高级建筑学院。 Vincent先生于1986年至1989年间分别工作于米兰和布鲁塞尔;在此后的1990年,他在安特卫普开设立自己的工作室,专注于建筑和室内设计。 在他的设计作品当中,室内设计和建筑设计之间的关系是十分深刻的:事实上家具和附属物品也以建筑设计的角度进行了考量,不限于形式但非常注重内部空间和其与外部建筑的关系。 Vincent先生的作品对建筑进行了重新诠释,重新定义了Van Duysen的尺寸,创建了具有极大纯洁度并保持具体特征和稳固基础形式的对象。

Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen

Atelier Column



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