Beauty, quality, innovation this is the story of prestige told by Dada Engineered.

Molteni&C Kitchens are Dada Engineered, a seal of innovation, certifying the attention and care we apply to design. Harnessing the power of innovative technologies, the kitchen universe expresses itself through one common aspect: continuous research and development. 


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A high technological expertise, both in the traditional field of woodworking and in the more innovative field of metals and materials, makes it possible to meet specific project requirements. This results in exclusive, functional, high-quality spaces in which the kitchen becomes the beating heart of the home.

Delve into Dada Engineered fundamentals

Meticulous customization with visionary innovation.

With a strong focus on craftsmanship, Dada Engineered has built a global reputation for its unyielding obsession with quality, thanks to a thorough in-house production cycle. Our expertise blends artistry and engineering to create modern, customized designs intrinsic, architectural charm.
Superior mastery achieved through industrial processes.

With unwavering dedication and experience, our craftsmen bring to life projects developed by globally renowned designers. Every element, surface, and finish is carefully crafted using the finest natural materials from Italy and around the world. The final product, undergoes scrupulous quality, durability, and functional tests, and is a testament to a timeless elegance and masterful know-how that is handed down from generation to generation.
Relentless pursuit of technical advancement.

Our team of engineers and designers. regularly explore cutting-edge technologies to push the boundaries of kitchen aesthetics and functionality. Our objective is to offer unique and long-lasting kitchen solutions that prioritize sustainability. The innovation process is backed by more than 40 years of experience placing technical advancement at the heart of Molteni&C kitchens.
Minimizing the environmental impact.

From ethical material sourcing to production optimization, we guarantee high-quality and environmentally friendly furnishings. The majority of Molteni&C’s suppliers are based near our factories, minimising transport times and streamlining our territorial know-how. By prioritising renewable resources, reducing waste, and adopting eco-friendly production techniques, we contribute to a greener and more sustainable future
Tailormade kitchens that reflect your lifestyle.

From the initial idea to final installation, our in-house designers and engineers pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every element is carefully crafted and customised. Each project is uniquely inspired by the architecture of the space, creating a thoughtful design that seamlessly integrates with any aesthetic.
Vincent Van Duysen
Multi-award-winning architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen is celebrated for his elegant minimalism and timeless aesthetic. As creative director, his vision has shaped every facet of the Molteni&C design journey since 2016.
Yabu Pushelberg
Founded by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, the studio has evolved into a multidisciplinary practice with offices in New York and Toronto. Boasting a team of over a hundred professionals, they design prioritizing the emotional impact on human experience.
Francesco Meda
Graduated from Milan’s Istituto Europeo of Design in Industrial Design. The designer gained experience in London working at Sebastian Bergne’s studio and later at Ross Lovegrove's.
Ferruccio Laviani
Pietro Ferruccio Laviani is a company, industrial products and retail design artistic director. Since 1999 he designed for Dada and Molteni&C and made significant contributions to the construction of Molteni&C’s sofas and armchairs range.
Dante Bonuccelli
Born in Buenos Aires, Dante Bonuccelli, a design consultant for Dada and UniFor, integrates his Argentine background and early experience in building design into a concrete and precise way of bringing architecture to design with great attention to research and testing of new concepts.
Nicola Gallizia
Nicola Gallizia, studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty. From 1990 he worked with Luca Meda for Molteni&C and Dada. In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C. He works as an image and product development consultant.

Molteni&C Kitchens Dada Engineered

Since 1934, Molteni Group has made the continuous pursuit of quality its mission. Attention to detail and continuous technological investments offer products of unparalleled quality, and since 1979 Molteni&C has found in Dada the ideal partner for the production of designer kitchens that combine all-Italian quality with the will to invest in research and innovation.


This is a story born as far back as 1926, when Dada was founded as a small craft workshop specialised in every stage of production and in R&D activities, making it a point of reference in the world of kitchens.


In 1979, under the direction of Molteni&C, craftsmanship encountered technology. Dada immediately obtained a high-end positioning through products designed by highly experienced international designers such as Luca Meda; products that are different, both in terms of type and finish, but have one thing in common: the possibility to combine different elements to create original solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Over the years, Dada has become an integral part of the history of design. This result is due to much more than formal design and modular kitchens; it stems from an ability to grant people the freedom to cook.


With innovative technologies in the world of kitchen furniture and modular systems offered in different finishes, the Dada universe expresses itself in various forms characterised by one common aspect: continuous research and development. A high technological expertise, both in the traditional field of woodworking and in the more innovative field of metals and new materials, makes it possible to meet specific project requirements. This results in exclusive, functional, high-quality spaces in which the kitchen becomes the beating heart of the home.


Moreover, through a technology partnership with the other Group companies, and in particular with Molteni&C, it is possible to develop increasingly complex kitchen engineering projects.


Today, with the Group’s expansion worldwide and the Molteni&C brand’s establishment in the high-end home furnishing sector, the integration of kitchens under the Molteni&C brand has become strategic.


This has led to the creation of Dada Engineered, which is much more than a name; it is a seal of innovation, a new tool for relating and certifying the attention and care that we have always put into kitchen design.



From furnishings to kitchen design and walk-in closet solutions, every aspect of the Collection can be customized to your unique specifications.



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