The 2024 Collection: Contemporary Grandeur

A singular Italian Design Story continues as we celebrate 90 years of sophisticated tradition and the future of harmony in the home.

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The mood of the 2024 Collection is inspired by the exquisite quality and refined details found in the work of Milanese architects like Piero Portaluppi, which creative director Vincent Van Duysen draws upon to infuse each creation with emotional depth and functional innovation. Curves and movement define the collection’s proportions, anchoring it firmly in a rigorous yet stylish aesthetic. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and contemporary living, striking a harmonious balance between past, present, and future — between tradition and innovation.

“We’ve opted to use unique materials that harken back to the refinement of the 1930s. This collection encompasses a fresh sense of decorative sophistication, adding yet another layer of depth to the Molteni&C universe”

Vincent Van Duysen

Crafted from a diverse palette of materials, including solid wood, glass, leather, and metal, the collection is full of exquisite details. Van Duysen's keen eye for detail is evident in the collection's neutral tones, burnished metals, and transparent glass, creating a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic.

Highlights include the enveloping, round version of the Augusto modular sofa by Vincent Van Duysen, the VVD kitchen with its updated features for 2024 including red marble countertops, the complete Outdoor collection, and much more.

Indoor Collection


di Vincent Van Duysen

If home is the heart of daily life, the Augusto sofa is where one finds home. The evolution of luxury continues as creative director Vincent Van Duysen transforms the prior iteration of Augusto into a versatile modular system, blending timelessness with contemporary flair. In a way only he can, Van Duysen aims to further capture the enduring essence of Augusto through modularity, introducing innovative curvilinear pieces that foster connection.


Modular Wall Unit
Design by Vincent Van Duysen

Modularity, functionality, and lightness are what inspired Molteni&C's first fully modular living room wall unit system. Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, LOGOS offers a fresh approach to how space can be designed, offering endless configurations to suit individual tastes and functional needs. With unparalleled versatility and customization, both in composition and finishes, LOGOS adapts effortlessly to any setting.


by Michael Anastassiades

With the creation of the Card bookcase, designer Michael Anastassiades’ versatile talent embodies the needs of modern living while maintaining a high level of technological innovation. The bookcase combines essential functionality with a contemporary configuration, reflecting Anastassiades' purist and recognizable design ethos.  Characterized by a precise graphic identity, the Card bookcase seamlessly integrates Anastassiades' distinctive stylistic approach with the rest of the Collection.

Kitchen Collection


Molteni&C Kitchens
Design Vincent Van Duysen

VVD, renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and distinctive components, undergoes enhancements in 2024, introducing new elements and finishes to elevate the VVD kitchen experience. These enhancements include a 150mm high marble top, 2700KLED dimmable lighting, a new PT40 door, and new finishes.


Molteni&C Kitchens
Design R&D Dada Engineered

The Prime Kitchen is designed to express the streamlined aesthetic that comes from fully recessed openings. Offering improved functionality, the finger recesses run seamlessly along the top and side panels, providing ample opportunity for personalization. Utilizing width and depth, each cabinet, door, and drawer are ideal for enhancing the practicality of the kitchen space.

Outdoor Collection


by Yabu Pushelberg

Sway is a modular sofa system with an innovative design created by the renowned creative duo Yabu Pushelberg. The inspiration comes from a love of nature combined with mastery in design, resulting in a sofa that can redefine outdoor spaces with its fluid shapes and versatility.


by Vincent Van Duysen

With the Petalo armchair and ottoman, Vincent Van Duysen adds new seating with soft curves and a delicately enveloping design to the Outdoor Timeout collection. Testament to Molteni&C.'s craftsmanship, these elements create new outdoor living atmospheres with their captivating aesthetics.

Gio Ponti Collection

D.157.6  - Due Foglie

by Gio Ponti

The Due Foglie Sofa from our Heritage catalog emerges as a highlight of 2024, paying homage to historic design figure Gio Ponti. This piece takes inspiration from Ponti’s stunning design for Villa Planchart in Caracas, commissioned in 1954 by Anala and Armando Planchart, ardent admirers of Ponti’s diverse talents. The sofa, one of the villa's iconic features, now takes center stage in the 2024 Collection under the name D.157.6, it’s current title in the Gio Ponti Archive.


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