Unveiling the 2024 Outdoor Collection

Unveiling the 2024 Outdoor Collection


Vincent Van Duysen's visionary touch takes center stage in the Molteni&C 2024 Outdoor Collection, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces into a harmonious narrative of contemporary design. Embracing the essence of al fresco living, the new collection is an invitation to forge a deep connection with nature in the comfort of meticulously crafted furnishings steeped in sustainability.


At the heart of the Outdoor Collection is a dialogue between materials carefully selected to ensure durability and elegance. Solid natural teak converses with aluminum profiles in captivating merlot red and golden-hour hues, accentuated by handcrafted polypropylene ropes. A notable addition is the introduction of ceramics, as seen in the sculptural Picea coffee table, offered in anthracite, merlot red, and ecru.

Joining the collaboration are renowned Canadian designers, Yabu Pushelberg, contributing the visionary Sway modular sofa system. With its soft and fluid lines, the Sway system invites imaginative configurations inspired by the layering concept suggested by nature, creating an immersive outdoor experience.

Van Duysen's signature pieces grace the collection, including the Petalo armchair with its masterful weaving of ecru polypropylene ropes and the Fairmont table in solid teak — seamlessly translating indoor living to the great outdoors. Complementing these are two seating solutions, Cobea and Boboli, designed to evoke the lightness and airiness of nature.

Continuing to make its mark in the outdoor domain, the collection brings to life the timeless elegance of Molteni&C for environments bathed in light and nature.
An invitation to connect with nature in the comfort of visionary furnishings steeped in sustainability.

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