A generous assortment distinguishes the Molteni&C leather collection; 7 types of leather plus one vegetable leather, to cover the different requirements of design and taste, subdivided into 4 categories, to satisfy the market in terms of price and aesthetic characteristics, effectively covering the whole demand.

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Constant research and an attentive selection of materials and production processes with Europe’s best tanneries, as well as direct contacts with the breeders/suppliers of the various hides, place Molteni&C at the forefront of avant-garde leathers for furnishings. A wide range of colours, resulting from the best dyes, and finishing processes, that can guarantee extreme resistance to light and to scratches, or provide a delicately silky feel.

The different areas where the animals are bred and therefore the different climates and living environments have a great influence on the quality of the hides.

1 | Aniline and semi-aniline
These are the finest and most expensive leathers on the market, along with nubuk. The processing does not affect the surface layer of the skin (i.e. the grain). They are appreciated for their soft, natural and breathable qualities. They are aniline-dyed. If no finishing is added, the leather is defined as pure aniline; otherwise, if a veil of aniline is added, it is known as semianiline.

2 | Nubuk
These are leathers characterized by a velvety touch and smooth nap, achieved by sanding. They are natural leathers, with no finishing. They are the among the finest on the market because they have to be carefully selected from raw hides to ensure they are defect-free.

3 | Full grain
These are leathers in which the grain has not been touched up, but processing is completed by spraying on a pigment that manages to cover part of any small superficial defects. Finishing manages to give the grain an even appearance. Usually the barrel grain is used but a small grain pre-print can be applied to integrate the barrel grain.

4 | Corrected grain
Is subdivided into half grain and sandpaper leather
· HALF GRAIN: the grain is slightly removed by a sanding machine. Here too, finishing is required and this is done by using pigments with the addition of polyurethane. These leathers are usually pre-printed.
· SANDPAPER: the grain is completely removed. A polyurethane spray is required. This type of leather is always printed at the end of the process.

Categories and typologies

Category P

Grinding work, chrome tanning, aniline dyes, glossy grain, silky feel and natural effect | 18 colors

The carefully chosen leather is treated with a light grinding process on the surface after which it is tanned (with chrome) and coloured (with analine dye); All the treatments help to preserve leather’s exceptional natural characteristics, including certain anomalies due to the free range raising of the animals, such as scars, slight grazing, insect bites etc. These anomalies are visible proof of a natural product. After dying the hide are finished with treatments which increase their resistance to light and to grazing. The leather of this category is characterized by a glossy grain, obtained by the use of waxes in the finishing process, slightly in relief, for a very soft hand and a silky touch.

Category L

Grinding operations, chrome tanning, aniline dyes, hand buffered and natural effect | 13 colors

The hides are carefully selected and then the tanning process begins (chrome tanning). The dyeing phases – in which the leathers are conditioned with high quality grease, retanned and aniline dyed – give softness and consistency to the final pieces. When the hides dry, they are slightly buffed to uniform the skin surface.
All treatments tend to preserve the exceptional natural characteristics of the leather, including certain blemishes caused by life in the herd such as scars, slight abrasions, insect bites, etc. These slight defects are tangible evidence of the delicate processes which the leather has been subjected to, and they constitute a guarantee of the "naturalness" of the product. To create a three-dimensional look with depth, the leather is swabbed by hand and finished with a two-tone effect.

Smooth flower, chrome tanning, aniline dyes, great naturalness | 45 colors

The selection and treatment of the leather guarantee a “smooth surface”, keeping the upper part of the hide mostly unaltered. The carefully chosen leather is tanned (with chrome) and coloured (with analine dye).
All the treatments help to preserve leather’s exceptional natural characteristics, including certain anomalies due to the free range raising of the animals, such as scars, slight grazing, insect bites etc. These anomalies are visible proof of the delicate treatment the hides have received and of a natural product.

Category S

Chrome tanning, aniline dyes, final grinding, water repellent treatment | 7 colors

The leather from the Molteni&C collection for this article come from bullocks raised in Europe. The carefully selected leather is tanned with chrome salts and dyed exclusively in baths with aniline.
The surface is buffed, making it pleasantly soft to the touch with a play on various levels of luminosity.
To guarantee long lasting use a waterproof treatment is applied so as to make use and maintenance easier. A choice of leathers with Nabuk working offers a rediscovery of classic sensations combined with contemporary design.

Full grain, aniline finish, nuanced and slightly striated appearance, extreme naturalness and delicacy | 11 colors

This new type of leather enhances the product's transparency, softness, hand, natural look and exclusiveness, achieved by smoothing out the surface of the leather with an aniline final finish.Thus, those features are enhanced, which are most appreciated and acknowledged by the market, and the interpretation issues related to the noticeable differences among the different leathers are slightly reduced, while offering at the same time a wider, renewed range of colours.
Siria is produced using raw leather selected among the best types available in Western Europe (bulls only); it is a full grain product, that is, with the upper part of the skin completely and absolutely untouched, and a 'dive in drun' product, namely air-dried, dyed, and finished using only aniline.
All the manufacturing processes have the aim of maintaining and enhancing the leather's natural look as much as possible.This enables to fully preserve the characteristics of the natural product. As this is a “whole” leather, nothing is done to mask or hide any small defect or minor differences in the colour of the different areas, while the processing still aims at highlighting the leather's different shades and its soft hand. The animal’s wrinkles and the different consistency of the skin in its various parts determine differences in colour and shading, which are elegant marks of absolutely genuine leather.
Siria is an unfinished type of leather which differs from the other types in the collection by its considerable degree of absorbency, a feature that requires strict compliance with the maintenance instructions.

Tinted in barrel, finished with natural waxes, natural appearance | 8 colors

The Savana collection was made with selected leathers from the best young bulls in western Europe.
Savana is a drum dyed aniline leather, air dried and finished only with natural waxes. Thanks to particular retanning and lubricating processes, leather acquires a look that imitates hide leather, but retains the softness and pliability of soft leather.
Wax melts with the heat of the ironing process and emphasises light and dark colour variations deriving from the different organic composition of the leather. Similar to what happens with precious woods, wax enhances and brings out the natural look of the leather.

Category U

Full grain, aniline dye, unfinished leather, extreme naturalness and softness | 8 colors

Unique uses bovine leather from Western Europe’s best cattle farms. Raw leather is selected carefully at each processing step. It is a full-grain, drum dyed aniline leather. The product’s main characteristics are its softness and touch, obtained by using low specific weight grease and retanning which gives it an extremely natural feeling. A special tanning process gives the leather a natural grain appearance.
The special aniline treatment highlights the wrinkles and streaks of the animal, elements that reveal its structure and therefore an absolute genuine charm. Unique is an unfinished leather which is significantly absorbent, a characteristic that requires strict maintenance instruction compliance.

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