ICONE: A Celebration of Italian Design Excellence in Doha, Qatar

ICONE: A Celebration of Italian Design Excellence in Doha, Qatar


The vibrant city of Doha, Qatar is poised to embrace the fusion of Italian design and avant-garde innovation as the “ICONE. Voices of Design Made in Italy” exhibition opens its doors September 20th at the city’s epicenter for art and design, M7.

This highly anticipated exhibition is curated by renowned gallerist Rossana Orlandi and architect Lucio Micheletti in a spectacular tribute to the timeless artistry, technological prowess, and sustainability inherent to Italian craftsmanship.

Organized by the Embassy of Italy in Qatar under the guidance of Qatar Museums, ICONE highlights the long-standing synergy between Italy and Qatar.

Molteni&C is proud to present two iconic pieces at the ICONE exhibition, each representing a different era — the timeless D.154.2 by Gio Ponti and the contemporary Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen. In addition, Francesca Molteni will curate a video series showcasing the major players of ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing, to be on view every day to complement the gallery presentations.

Open to the public until December 20th, ICONE is a singular opportunity to experience and celebrate the unrivaled excellence of Italian design.

Design von Vincent Van Duysen


Living Box wurde als Solitärmöbel entworfen, das in jedem häuslichen Ambiente zum Einsatz kommen kann, sich aber hauptsächlich für die Einrichtung des Wohnbereichs eignet.

Design von Vincent Van Duysen
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Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, the Living Box takes inspiration from theatrical settings, such as concert halls and amphitheaters. Van Duysen skillfully scaled down these grand designs to create a household object with a unique, open aesthetic and versatile possibilities for use.

Design von Gio Ponti


Dieser Armlehnstuhl ist Bestandteil einer der Projekte, die Gio Ponti mit Herzblut verfolgte: Die Villa der Kunstsammler Planchart in Caracas von 1953-57. Er gehört zu der Gio Ponti Collection unter Leitung von Molteni&C und der künstlerischen Federführung von Studio Cerri & Associati.

Design von Gio Ponti
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Originally designed for the Planchart collectors' villa in Caracas (1953-57), the D.154.2 embodies the architectural concepts Gio Ponti developed during his Latin American journeys in 1952-53. Today, this iconic armchair features a rigid polyurethane frame, a soft polyurethane counter-frame, and a cushion, all upholstered in Molteni&C's textile range. Notably, it received the Wallpaper Design Award in 2016, solidifying its status as a contemporary Molteni&C icon.

“ICONE. Voices of Design Made in Italy”

20.09.2023 – 20.12.2023

Saturday - Thursday: 11.00am – 9.00pm
Friday: 3.30pm – 9.00pm


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