New Opening Taichung Flagship Store

New Opening Taichung Flagship Store


The Molteni Group inaugurates its first Molteni&C Flagship Store in Taiwan, demonstrating the Group’s continual expansion on the contemporary design scene. The opening of this Molteni&C store is the result of a partnership with YC Group, a dynamic company dedicated to bringing prestigious and sought-after high-end brands to Taiwan. With founders experienced in property development, design, and finance, YC Group excels in realizing brand designs and streamlining the market entry process. Building on their years of established success, YC Group offers a new level of sophistication and prestige for discerning consumers.

The Flagship Store arises in the culturally vibrant West District of Taichung City. The area is known as the "Taichung Cultural and Educational District" and is home to numerous schools and cultural institutions. Against the backdrop of the bustling Taiwan Boulevard, Molteni&C Flagship Store in Taichung adds a touch of modern Italian sensibility to this heritage-rich area. The building's white exterior spans 29 meters in width and boasts a vast base of 700 square meters, one of the largest in Asia, fully showcasing the contemporary designs of the brand's dedicated designs.

The architecture of the store is in pure Molteni&C style. A real conception of living, that has always been related to the protagonists of the world of architecture.
Living is once again central to every corner of the home. A theatre of life experienced, where the quality of the home environment is the key premise for planning the various rooms: increasingly more versatile, multifunctional, able to adapt and mould itself to a second usage. An idea of a cosy, reassuring and welcoming home. But constantly evolving, which Molteni&C interprets through wall systems, the protagonists of the project and part and parcel of the architecture. Excellence at all scales of design, revealed in every detail which, from the floor to the wall finishes, from the accessories to the works of art, is carefully studied and selected in partnership with the local partner in respect of the trends and peculiarities of the country and location.

Great masters of present times who design cities, spaces, interiors and furnishings, such as Vincent Van Duysen, the Belgian architect and designer who has been Creative Director of the brand since 2016, Jean Nouvel, Foster + Partners, Ron Gilad, to name but a few. The Heritage Collection has renewed the relationship with history and with the creators of Italian and international style, such as Gio Ponti, Werner Blaser, Tobia Scarpa and Ignazio Gardella. The majestic Flagship Store of Taichung offers a spectacular experience: two stores placed next to each other, furnished in pure Molteni&C style.

A first living and dining area welcomes the guest into the space, showcasing the Asterias table by Patricia Urquiola and two the most iconic pieces the Italian brand, the D.154.2 armchair by Gio Ponti and the iconic Piroscafo, whose story encompasses the strength of Molteni&C link with tradition.

A beautiful Half a Square table, paired with the Tea chairs, both designed by Michael Anastassiades, take central stage of a dining area, beautifully divided from a living composition by the Hector bookcase by Vincent Van Duysen.

The night-time area features Gliss Master, the wardrobe system that is the feather in the cap of Molteni&C’s night Collection, as well as a cosy lounge area with Attico small table by Gallizia and the D.151.4 armchairs by Gio Ponti.
The first bedroom proposal showcases pieces of the latest collections, such as the Yoell armchair and the Cleo coffee tables by Van Duysen, as well as the Azul bed and the Horizons cupboard by Dante Bonuccelli.

The textural path inside the second store alternates living, dining and night zones featuring furnishings from collections that embody the highest expression of Italian savoir-faire.
A lounge area with Piccadilly armchairs by Dordoni, the iconic D.552.2 small table by Ponti, and Pannacotta by Ron Gilad, makes way for an open space enriched with various pieces of the collections: the award-winning Surf sofa by Yabu Pushelberg, Diamond table by Urquiola and Teorema drawers by Gilad, the timeless D.859.1 table and D.847.1 writing desk of the Heritage Collection, the elegant Paul and Octave sofas by Van Duysen, and the modular Pass-word by Bonuccelli.

Entering the second and last night-time area of the Store, the Margou armchairs, the D.555.1 small table and the Ribbon bed, anticipate a final composition of the Gliss Master, to create the perfect cosy walk-in closet.

The result is a high impact setting that showcases the Molteni&C collections in the most flattering way, creating a warm, welcoming, experiential layout.

Molteni&C Flagship Store

No. 573, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., West Dist., 403, Taichung City

T. +886423218222 | taichung@moltenigroup.com

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