“Beauty, quality, innovation this is the story of prestige told by Dada Engineered.”

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Timeless design

The Molteni&C Dada Engineered kitchens are designed by the world’s most prestigious architects – see VVD by Vincent Van Duysen, Banco and Vela by Luca Meda, Tivalì and Trim by Dante Bonuccelli, High Line 6 by Ferruccio Laviani, inDada by Nicola Galizia, and the most recent collaborations with Yabu Pushelberg. These are kitchens of a timeless elegance, designed by the masters of international design to be lived in for many years to come.


The design and style of Molteni&C meet the innovation of Dada Engineered, with uniquely exclusive results. Innovative solutions of a timeless allure, built to suit the customer’s needs. An innovative offering in terms of form, technology and type, developed through continuous research carried out in collaboration with architects and designers. A high technological expertise, both in the field of woodworking and in that of new materials such as metals, making it possible to meet any specific project requirement.

Tivali 2.0 by Dante Bonuccelli Tivali 2.0 by Dante Bonuccelli
Tivali 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg Tivali 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg
Vela by Dante Bonuccelli Vela by Dante Bonuccelli

Innovation pioneers

Dada Engineered’s strategy focuses on remaining up-to-date and pursuing innovative solutions. With this spirit, it has revolutionised the industry by introducing unique elements such as the Tivalì technical column, an invisible closing mechanism, the engineering system behind the Ratio supports, and Banco, the first suspended kitchen designed by Luca Meda, made up of a patented freestanding structure that can support suspended storagehese solutions are designed in the pursuit of aesthetics and functionality, with an almost maniacal attention to detail.

Bespoke approach

Every project is exclusive; every kitchen is unique. In-house design and production make it possible to create bespoke kitchens tailored to the needs of those who use them. A challenge whereby rational, versatile ideas turn into real living kitchens. Technical details tailored to become solid architectural elements built to last. This creative process always reinvents itself in line with changing needs and projects that reflect the personality of the customer. Spaces to interpret, changing contexts, kitchens that become architectural elements of the home. Models that are different, in terms of type, finishes and materials, but have one thing in common: the possibility to combine different elements of each series to create original solutions.

Residences at The West Hollywood Residences at The West Hollywood
56 Leonard Street 56 Leonard Street
53w53 - New York 53w53 - New York

Vertical production

The Mesero production centre, where Molteni&CDada Engineered kitchens take shape, extends over a 26,000 sqm indoor area. The know-how of its more than 100 specialist technicians and 200 workers is guaranteed through special training programmes, ensuring the company’s craftsmanship is handed down from generation to generation. Its partner suppliers are selected partly for their proximity, to ensure the supervision and quality of contractors. This is also home to the Research and Development Centre, a hotbed of ideas and innovation. This is where the entire production process takes place. 100% made in Italy, this is guaranteed by strict quality controls carried out with great care, from the selection of the highest quality raw materials to the end of the production process.


At Molteni&C, sustainability is a key mission. Materials are chosen carefully, favouring natural stones and longlasting materials such as aluminium. Suffice it to say that a typical kitchen only contains 0.15% of plastic. We source our panels from responsible suppliers that make prevalent use of recovered wood. This result is further achieved by choosing woods sourced exclusively from FSC-certified forests and natural materials with a low impact on the environment. As a result of this virtuous circle, our kitchens can be disassembled completely, recovering the materials and re-processing them in another form.

Design Thinking

Dada Engineered embodies a pioneering spirit ever in tune to change;
a creative, technological vision of more than 80 years’ standing centred around cutting-edge modular kitchen designs.


Since 1934, Molteni Group has made the continuous pursuit of quality its mission. Attention to detail and continuous technological investments offer products of unparalleled quality, and since 1979 Molteni&C has found in Dada the ideal partner for the production of designer kitchens that combine all-Italian quality with the will to invest in research and innovation.

This is a story born as far back as 1926, when Dada was founded as a small craft workshop specialised in every stage of production and in R&D activities, making it a point of reference in the world of kitchens.

In 1979, under the direction of Molteni&C, craftsmanship encountered technology. Dada immediately obtained a high-end positioning through products designed by highly experienced international designers such as Luca Meda; products that are different, both in terms of type and finish, but have one thing in common: the possibility to combine different elements to create original solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Over the years, Dada has become an integral part of the history of design. This result is due to much more than formal design and modular kitchens; it stems from an ability to grant people the freedom to cook.

With innovative technologies in the world of kitchen furniture and modular systems offered in different finishes, the Dada universe expresses itself in various forms characterised by one common aspect: continuous research and development. A high technological expertise, both in the traditional field of woodworking and in the more innovative field of metals and new materials, makes it possible to meet specific project requirements. This results in exclusive, functional, high-quality spaces in which the kitchen becomes the beating heart of the home.

Moreover, through a technology partnership with the other Group companies, and in particular with Molteni&C, it is possible to develop increasingly complex kitchen engineering projects.

Today, with the Group’s expansion worldwide and the Molteni&C brand’s establishment in the high-end home furnishing sector, the integration of kitchens under the Molteni&C brand has become strategic.

This has led to the creation of Dada Engineered, which is much more than a name; it is a seal of innovation, a new tool for relating and certifying the attention and care that we have always put into kitchen design.

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