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In the 2023 collection, the Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni also presents Beauté, a new vanity that can be added to the Blend configuration - or across all other proposals - to create additional functional and discreet spaces. Beauté is both an intimate and elegant space designed to hide the most personal items from view.

Design Rodolfo Dordoni

Technical Details

The lateral sections in eucalyptus or graphite oak are the setting for a backrest and a top in eco-skin; two side drawers, characterised by a thin edge in wood, further define the volumes. At the centre is a backlit folding mirror which, when opened, reveals rear shelves complete with integrated LED lighting. Practical USB sockets complete the accessories. The vanity module can be used in combination with Blend or with other pieces of the Gliss Master collection.


Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni, architect and designer, was born in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture. His collaboration with Molteni&C has gone beyond the production of individual products and has become the creation of a collection for the dining room and night systems. These projects feature hidden high-technology in the products.

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Rodolfo Dordoni

“Today an object goes beyond the collection concept, it defines an atmosphere, style and an environment where you feel comfortable”.

Rodolfo Dordoni


Technical Details

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