The worktops can have a protrusion of 2.5cm compared to kitchens with 1.9cm doors and are available in depths of 60 or 75 cm (nominal measurements) and widths of 120 or 180 cm. The new operating tops can be customised in the entire range of Molteni&C|Dada Engineered materials, except for laminate and Fenix. New volumes for an increasingly functional and architectural kitchen concept.



Molteni&C’s Research & Development department is the heart of the company. The designers, engineers and craftspeople who make up this innovative team are not only tasked with bringing to life the designs of the prestigious architects with whom the brand collaborates.

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“Molteni&C’s R&D department has the benefit of decades of experience as the top of the line in kitchen and interior design. With this knowledge in hand, we're able to constantly experiment, pushing the conversation forward and bringing the client more intuitive solutions than ever before.”


New Worktops

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