Walk-in closets

Molteni&C’s walk-in closets embody a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, representing an element of strong expressive character in any living space. These modern and adaptable structures offer sophisticated, customizable solutions for organizing clothing and accessories, transforming the sleeping area into a contemporary place of elegance and practicality. The use of materials such as clear glass, eco-skin, and an elegant lacquer finish lends a touch of elegance. Discover the universe of Molteni&C's walk-in closet designs, complete with customizable interior equipment, creative storage solutions, and exclusive finishes. 


Vincent Van Duysen's Gliss Master is a large walk-in closet without doors with a wide range of customizable interior equipment and a soft storage system in eco-leather called Soft Line Accessories. From the same Van Duysen comes Gliss Master Island, a central island designed to complement the closet area of a modern walk-in closet with storage trays, transparent drawers, and eco-skin tops. Master Dressing is a designer walk-in closet system coordinated with the closets in the Gliss Master collection, with exclusive aesthetic finishes and new interior equipment, including a compartment vanity with a large LED-backlit mirror. These projects offer sophisticated design solutions for the bedroom area.


Hector Night by Vincent Van Duysen is a new design by Molteni&C. This wall-mounted, elegant walk-in closet has a strong, modern, and expressive character. With a double metal finish in pewter and bronze, its versatility allows floor-to-ceiling or wall-mounted compositions, and each shelf can be customized with glass or melamine panels.


Baltimora by Matteo Nunziati, on the other hand, is a versatile center island designed for the bedroom that can serve as a freestanding element or integrate with existing wardrobes and furniture. It features cozy seating and customizable cushions. 

Molteni&C walk-in closets easily adapt to any part of the bedroom, becoming independent elements or harmoniously integrating with existing elements. Their versatility is evident in the endless customization options, from the choice of melamine materials to sophisticated metal finishes such as pewter and bronze. The collection’s walk-in closet systems with drawers, trays, and shoe shelves offer innovative and accessible storage solutions.

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