D'Days 2016
Through Space and Time by Yann Delacour

D'Days 2016 Through Space and Time by Yann Delacour


Chairs and easy chairs get shifted around. We pull or push them one way or the other to satisfy the various needs of our everyday lives. They are choreographed incessantly to and from as if in an anonymous dance: straight lines, rotations, circumferences... These movements often leave marks on the floor, which we instantly try to erase, as if we had to delete or hide the story they tell.

Through space & time highlights these shifting moments and gestures. And to do this, Yann Delacour has chosen two icons of Molteni&C collection: the Sol easy chair by Constance Guisset and the Glove-Up chair by Patricia Urquiola. Two completely different figures to orchestrate a variation on a theme. The revolution reminded the artist and set designer of the infinite dance that our planet performs as it translates in space and revolves around the sun, just as we move constantly this way and that in our hectic everyday lives.

Yann Delacour will give a scenic reading of these two creations in the window of the Molteni&C Dada Flagship Store at 6 rue des Saints-Pères by linking them to two designs drawn on the floor.

Official hashtag: #Molteniddays2016

Molteni&C | Dada Flagship Store

6 Rue des Saints Pères, 75007, Paris

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