Ingenious Wood @MolteniMuseum

Ingenious Wood @MolteniMuseum


The Molteni Museum will proudly present a retrospective exhibit of the work of Aldo Rossi and his monumental partnership with the Molteni Group, from November 9, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

The exhibit is titled ‘Ingenious Wood’, inspired by an Aldo Rossi quote about his work published in volume AR 90, Molteni&C, Giussano 1990.

“When I design furniture I always remember that strange piece of wood that might have become a piece of furniture, but was destined to be a puppet, that finally became Pinocchio. It was an ingenious piece of wood, of course, but these things might even happen.”

- Aldo Rossi, 1990

Designed by Ron Gilad in collaboration with the Aldo Rossi Foundation, this exhibit offers visitors an in-depth encounter of Aldo Rossi’s creative genius through furniture designs and drawings by the 1990 Pritzker Prize winning architect, in addition to archival documents and evidence of his esteemed collaboration with the Molteni Group.

A highlight of the retrospective is the Teatro chair (1982), the first project designed by Rossi in collaboration with his friend and colleague (and fellow Molteni&C heritage designer), Luca Meda, and a piece that has had an indelible impact on the history of furniture design.

The exhibit opened with two live lectures by Milan-based architectural historians on the work of Aldo Rossi, each taking place the evening of November 8, 2023.

Roberto Dulio (Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano) will present Dalla sedia alla città (From the chair to the city) and Claudia Tinazzi (Researcher, Politecnico di Milano) will present Un certo carattere lombardo (A certain Lombard character).

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