Timeless beauty turns into Experience

Timeless beauty turns into Experience


A a state-of-the-art, interactive and immersive virtual journey through the 2020 Collection.

Embrace our contemporary settings on a ultimate level: explore our renovated Compound, an architecture project that takes inspiration from the International modernism, which we translated in an elegant, smooth almost gracious but especially domestic language.
Explore the showroom by holding, dragging or zooming and click on the hotspots to discover the stories, ideas and inspirations behind each product, all accompanied by a special 8D soundtrack.

To convey our 2020 vision and mood, our prestigious designers share through high-definition videos their ideas and inspirations that led them to the creation of each design. As well, a deeper overview of our sophisticated textiles and materials and of The Collector's House project is available in the Experience.

Live the exclusive Molteni Experience.

Start the Journey.

Don't get lost during the experience, open the map to move around the several settings, areas and floors.
Our renovated Compound is an elegant space that features a showroom measuring 1300sqm across three levels.

Discover the Collection.

Each hotspot is enriched with specific exclusive contents, press releases, technical informations and images to have a deeper understanding of the products.

Explore the Compound.

Dive into a true source of inspiration.

The Molteni Experience takes you to the discovery of the 2020 collection in our renovated Compound, where elegant design solutions dialogue harmoniously with architecture, offering a complete range of contemporary settings, from living, dining, night to kitchen areas.

“We have embraced a new décor direction steeped in the warmth and richness of materials and in their organic juxtaposition.”

Vincent Van Duysen

With the aim of bringing to mind a welcoming home environment, you will be immersed into a wide and warm living space guided by elegant spatial, material and stylistic sensations.

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