The Stealth

The Stealth


An elegant and generous family residence dressed in Molteni&C|Dada: the Stealth is located in peaceful Morcote, nearby Lugano, facing south from its privileged position featuring a breathtaking view of the Lugano Lake.

The villa, designed by ZMB Architettura, occupies 1850 square meters plot of land and spans over three levels and 1000 square meters in a no invasive way. The crucial point of all spaces is the mountainous landscape, where The Stealth merges invisibly through its matt black surfaces.

Open and unconventional, the house spreads across 3 levels and 2 wings never revealing its full dimension.

The Project evolved during designing process with numerous details that achieved the perception of a one-story villa, of great spatial complexity and abstraction.

Starting from the entrance square, the water patio is the first of the spaces in sequence, followed by the living room, porch, garden, outdoor swimming pool and finally the lake.
Is where the two wings meet that the house’s living area takes place, featuring automated glass walls that allows the opening of both fronts, breaking down any indoor outdoor limit.

Starting from the beginning of the project, the partnership with the Molteni&C|Dada Contract Division allowed to achieve the goal of abstraction required by the client. Thus, indoor walls are either exposed reinforced concrete or covered with custom made matt black panels. Cement resin floors give indooroutdoor continuity. Ceilings painted with semi-gloss black varnish with a wood effect gives continuity to wall boiserie.

Since the black materials used for the exteriors enhance an effect of lightness and abstraction, it was decided to use black for the interior, giving it a monolithic feeling of the wing and preventing the blinding effect of the sunlight.

The aim was to create different points of views, a spot where enjoying landscape and family time.

A wide space is dedicated to the kitchen area which hosts a sophisticated Dada kitchen Hi- Line 6 and a custom made black linear table designed by Stealth architect himself.

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