Molteni&C is pleased to patronise “Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer"

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The Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti Archi-Designer exhibition, inaugurated just over a month ago at the Musée Des Art Décoratifs in Paris, is enjoying great acclaim from both the public and the critics. In response to popular demand the MAD has agreed to extend the exhibition up until 5 May 2019.

Molteni&C is pleased to patronise “Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer”, a major retrospective on the maestro at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris curated by Olivier Gabet, Dominique Forest, Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas and Salvatore Licitra, in collaboration with “Gio Ponti Archives”, from 19 October 2018 to 05 May 2019.

The exhibition covers Gio Ponti’s long career, from 1921 to 1978, highlighting every aspect of his work through more than 500 items, some displayed for the very first time – architectural designs, furniture, ceramics, lamps, glass, magazines – in a setting by Wilmotte & Associés and with Italo Lupi’s graphic project. The BETC agency ensures the graphics of communication documents.

D.153.1 armchair design Gio Ponti D.153.1 armchair design Gio Ponti

D.154.2 armchair design Gio Ponti D.154.2 armchair design Gio Ponti

D.655.1 chest of drawers design Gio Ponti D.655.1 chest of drawers design Gio Ponti

Molteni&C (a Molteni Group company, along with Dada, UniFor and Citterio), which has renewed its focus on the masters of architecture and design since 2010 with re-makes of Gio Ponti’s furniture, and has therefore decided to support this unique exhibition, one of the most important ever staged in France on the works of the Italian designer. The exhibition underlines the significance of Molteni&C’s continuing efforts to rediscover Gio Ponti’s designs, thereby helping to celebrate the historic role of Italian design in the world.

“An eclectic creator, interested in both industrial production and craftsmanship”, declare the curators of Tutto Ponti. Gio Ponti Archi-Designer, “Ponti enriched post-war architecture, indicating the prospects for a new art of living”.

Molteni&C is not only patron of the Gio Ponti Archi- Design exhibition but is also contributing by placing a number of original items of furniture from the Molteni Museum Collection at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs’s disposal.

An eclectic creator, which includes a worldwide exclusive for re-making and marketing all the furniture designed by Gio Ponti, except for the rights granted to other manufacturers, Molteni&C has launched a plan designed to bring the vital research conducted by the great 20th century maestro in over 50 years of work in various fields – architecture, design, applied art and publishing – back into the limelight.

The re-edition project gave rise to a collection of furniture that in some cases referred to models designed by Ponti as unique items or small series, presented for the first time at the 2012 Salone del Mobile in Milan, after a lengthy process of research and selection into Ponti’s prototypes. The collection, made in cooperation with the Gio Ponti Archives and with the art direction of Studio Cerri & Associati, includes furniture and accessories designed by Gio Ponti between 1935 and the 1970s, which today belong to the Molteni&C Heritage Collection. The Collection has been further enhanced with new pieces every year and today includes 14 items of furniture, in 21 variants.


Press conference

UniFor Flagship Store
Corso Matteotti 14, Milano

Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Salvatore Licitra director of Gio Ponti Archives and Italo Lupi, presented the project of the first retrospective dedicated to the great Milanese architect in the presence of Stefano Boeri, President of the Triennale and Cristina Tajani Councilor for Labor Policies, trade, fashion and design of the City of Milan.

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Carlo Molteni - Stefano Boeri

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
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tel. +33 (0)1 44 55 57 50

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