Vincent Van Duysen book signing at the Molteni&C|Dada Brompton Flaship Store

The designer Vincent Van Duysen


"The partnership with Molteni&C was initiated during a collaboration on an office project in the Kingdom od Saudi Arabia in 2014 and followed with the first desiign series of Gliss Master and Ribbon. Afterwards, in 2016, Molteni&C brought in Vincent Van Duysen as creative director, thanks to a shared determination and passion for discreet elegance. Vincent van Duysen takes care of the global image of the brand by deisgning flagship stores, exhibition stands and a series of new products. A rich history for and appreciation for craftmanship are found in the DNA of both the north Italian and Belgian cultures." - Vincent van Duysen Works 2009-2018

Pictured: the Elain Armchair, the Albert Sofa designs, the Gliss Wardrobe by Vincent Van Duysen at the third London Flagship Store in Brompton Road.

Vincent Van Duysen’s architecture is serene, some would even say sublime. Characterised by an intrinsic simplicity and a solid grasp of the architectural essence, it also embraces the technical achievements of Modernism. This involves a silent complexity embodying rich and subtle ambiguities. His final goal is always to improve the quality of the ‘abitare’, the life of those who experience it. The elements of most importance to Van Duysen are form, geometric order, and context — regardless of whether the project is about architecture, interior architecture, or product design. Comprising strong spatial concepts and refined shapes, Van Duysen’s work forever exceeds ssing trends.

This second monograph in the Thames & Hudson series introduces projects from the past 10 years. Taken together, the two books represent three decades of professional activity. Stunning images by Hélène Binet and François Halard lusciously depict the atmospheric dimension as well as the delicacy of the details and the meticulous layering of materials. The architect’s evolution over time is apparent, revealing that his innate principals have remained perfectly intact while he continues to develop a high level of maturity and sophistication in the execution of projects both in Europe and internationally. Through creating timeless places and spaces, Van Duysen’s reputation as an artful architect is well deserved. His uncompromising commitment to the integrity of design is here for all to discover.

Molteni&C | Dada London Flagship Store
SW3 2EP | 245-249 Brompton Road

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