Vincent Van Duysen’s visionary touch unfolds in the Molteni&C Outdoor 2024 Collection, seamlessly bridging indoor and outdoor realms, personal and shared spaces.
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Continuing to make its mark in the outdoor domain, the collection expands its offerings while upholding the exclusivity of Italian excellence, refined to perfection — a hallmark of Vincent Van Duysen’s creative universe. The products are interpreted by the most important contemporary designers, from Yabu Pushelberg to Foster + Partners, from Ron Gilad and Gio Ponti to creative director Vincent Van Duysen.
Continuing to make its mark in the outdoor domain, the collection expands its offerings while upholding the exclusivity of Italian excellence, refined to perfection — a hallmark of Vincent Van Duysen’s creative universe.
The products are interpreted by the most important contemporary designers, from Yabu Pushelberg to Foster + Partners, from Ron Gilad and Gio Ponti to creative director Vincent Van Duysen.
Living in Nature

Two collections, separate but harmonious, unite the voices of multiple design partners into one distinctive aesthetic. Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen’s vision for the first Molteni&C Outdoor collection honors the brand’s legacy while pushing it forward into new, open spaces.

A Delicate Dialog

“Just as in the 2022 indoor collection for Molteni&C, the new outdoor proposal I again pursued an idea of softness and wellbeing, of organic playfulness in an architectural vision of the furniture. I was inspired by modernism to recall the idea of permeability and transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces,and that intimate connection with light and nature.”


Vincent Van Duysen

The collection
The Outdoor Collection serves as the ultimate testing ground, where technical prowess and craftsmanship elevate the performance and natural textures of carefully selected materials, ensuring both technical and aesthetic excellence. The Landmark Collection is characterized by solid teak, harmoniously designed to allow outdoor spaces to be experienced with comfort and elegance. The Timeout Collection features metal as the predominant material. A reference to modernist architecture, softened by delicate lines. Two significant projects by Gio Ponti enrich the Molteni&C Heritage Collection for outdoors, reviving classic icons into contemporary design ideas.
2024 News
Iconic pieces
Sway | Sofa

A visionary design for outdoor seating, Sway is a modular sofa system by the renowned Yabu Pushelberg. Drawing inspiration from a deep love for nature and an expert command of design, the Sway sofa redefines outdoor spaces with its versatility and fluid forms.

Petalo | Armchair

With the Petalo armchair and pouf, Vincent Van Duysen enhances the Outdoor Timeout Collection with gentle curves and delicately enveloping seating. A testament to the artistry inherent in the collection, these designs create reimagine outdoor atmospheres thanks to their inviting aesthetic.

Sway | Small tables

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Sway outdoor coffee table by Yabu Pushelberg exudes warmth and natural charm.

Picea | Coffee table

The Picea coffee table, a Vincent Van Duysen design, is a seamless addition to the Outdoor Timeout Collection. Crafted entirely in ceramic, Picea boasts gracefully rounded lines and a harmonious design, echoing the natural beauty of the Arctic evergreen spruce tree from which it takes its name.

Sway | Pouf

The Sway outdoor pouf by Yabu Pushelberg with its compact dimensions, encapsulates the principles and technologies applied to the Sway modular sofa system, providing a customizable solution for various outdoor seating arrangements.

Boboli | Sofa

Extending the allure of the Boboli armchair, the two-seater sofa makes a significant debut in the Outdoor collection, boasting an enveloping and welcoming design that harmonizes with the generous and sensual shapes of the armchair.

Boboli | Armchair

A Vincent Van Duysen original, the Boboli armchair is an iconic and innovative creation characterized by its light and airy lines, seamlessly blending with the outdoor environment.

Fairmount | Table

Vincent Van Duysen brings his visionary touch to the outdoors with the Fairmount table, a meticulously crafted piece that embraces natural settings with elegance. Designed for the Landmark Collection, Fairmount seamlessly combines comfort and style, creating a captivating centerpiece for social gatherings.

Cobea | Chair

The Cobea chair by Vincent van Duysen is a celebration of timeless design and meticulous artistry. A continuation of the designer’s strong vision for outdoors, the chair pays homage to nature and natural elements, interpreting the beauty of solid teak wood in a contemporary manner.

Palinfrasca | Sofa

The Palinfrasca Sofa interpreting the essence of teak not only in an unprecedented and contemporary way, but also in the most exhaustive representation of Molteni&C's savoir-faire and research into materials

Palinfrasca | Armchair

The themes that identify the Landmark Collection - the curved, enveloping lines of the solid teak frame and the macro-scale warp and weft pattern - remain in the armchair and, thanks to the more compact proportions, become even clearer and more expressive.

Palinfrasca | Pouff

The harmonious lines of the Landmark Collection can also be found in the pouffe, which boasts a solid teak frame enriched with a polyurethane cushion for maximum support and comfort.

Phoenix | Sofa

A collection with a minimal and contemporary aesthetic that interprets elements of the Mediterranean tradition: fer forgé and hand woven polypropylene rope. The sofa is available in two versions, also with two cushions, with widths of 150 and 180 cm. The use of aluminium, which weighs significantly less than iron, allows for easy movement of generously sized furniture.

Phoenix | Armchair

The Timeout Collection offers a wide range of seating: in addition to the two-cushion sofa in two sizes, there is also a generously proportioned armchair and a table chair with a slender, aerial profile, both available with or without armrests, and the result of a careful study of ergonomics.

Phoenix | Coffee table

Completing the Timeout Collection is a large low table in two widths, for versatile, intimate or convivial outdoor living spaces. It picks up on the aesthetic motifs of the collection such as the burnished aluminium band, profiles and rounded corners.

Golden Gate | Tables

The Timeout Collection dining table interprets the archetype of outdoor tables with a slatted top for water drainage. Seating 6 or 8, it stands out for its carefully calibrated proportions and choice of materials that allow it to match both of Molteni&C's new Outdoor collections.

Green Point Bench

A multipurpose element with an accentuated horizontal nature, the bench lends itself well to the freedom of use and mobility inherent in Outdoor furniture.

Guell | sunbed

The sun sunbed, the archetype par excellence of outdoor furniture, interprets all the elements that characterise the aesthetics of the Timeout Collection, re-proposing the theme of the burnished painted aluminium band, running along the entire profile, and the traditional motif of the polypropylene rope weave.

Regent | Coffee table

To emphasise the formal and material correspondences between the two Collections, Vincent Van Duysen designed the Regent coffee tables with three top shapes: round, oval and square.

Hyde | pouf

The interaction between the two collections is enhanced in a comfortable pouf, in two sizes, with a woven texture, to complete the accessories proposal of the Timeout Collection.

Boulogne | Baskets

Practical, lightweight and easily movable baskets for towels or magazines are designed to create order and embellish outdoor spaces.

Green Point | Chair

The Timeout Collection offers a wide range of seating: in addition to the two-cushion sofa in two sizes, there is also a generously proportioned armchair and a table chair with a slender.

D.154.2 | Armchair

One of Gio Ponti's most iconic and representative pieces, designed in 1954 for the Planchart collectors' villa in Caracas (1953-57), is now available in an outdoor version. The careful study of materials and technical performance guarantee not only respect for the valuable original design, but also the durability that characterises all Molteni&C products.

D.150.5 | Armchair

In collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives and the heirs of the renowned Milanese architect, Molteni&C is reconstructing one of the rare pieces of furniture Gio Ponti designed for outdoor use: the D.150.5 chaise longue projectes for the cruise ship Andrea Doria in 1952.

Helios | Kitchen

To fully experience Outdoor spaces, the Outdoor proposal is completed by an outdoor kitchen, design by Vincent Van Duysen.“Conviviality and sophistication are the key words I wanted to attribute to this outdoor kitchen. Furniture with a simple yet structured feel, where functionality and sophistication coexist to create a modern design,’ says Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen.

Arc | Tables

Foster + Partners' Arc sculpture table joins the Outdoor proposal with an all-cement finish. The shape of the base is inspired by the techno-structures often used in modern buildings, while the material used is a "light" cement that incorporates colour and a special fibrous material, moulded in a single block and coloured en masse.

Panna cotta | Coffee table

In its Outdoor guise, Panna Cotta features a stainless-steel frame with a perforated top, supporting a base in Lava Stone. The coffee table is available in anthracite, olive green and desert yellow is available in two rounded tops.

Hedera | Carpet

Hedera, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, is a rectangular rug available in three sizes, alternating thin beige and olive green stripes, creating a playful and harmonious movement.

Palma | Carpet

Palma, designed by Nicola Gallizia, relies on the sensation of walking on sand to develop a unique creative project. A 100% recycled and recyclable PET carpet, capable of conveying the natural lustre of silk.

Musco | Carpet

Musco, by Marta Ferri, proposes geometric patterns and run-up bands that enhance a palette inspired by the shades of the undergrowth. Available both monochrome in beige and olive green, and multicoloured in shades of olive green, earth brown and sand, it is complemented by tone-on-tone or contrasting fringes.

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The finishes
Molteni&C's Outdoor offering is the result of thorough research into a few selected materials. Burnished varnished aluminium, natural teak, stainless steel, EVA polyurethane bands (a UVresistant material), polypropylene ropes and Etna lava stone. These are the only materials that make up the structural part of the Outdoor proposal. Just six materials, each with a precise and distinctive aesthetic and with its own ability to evoke visual and tactile sensations, recalling Mediterranean cultures and manufacturing traditions, here revisited in a new and contemporary image.
The textiles
Musco, the series of upholstery fabrics developed in collaboration with Limonta Spa, embellishes and complements the Landmark and Timeout Collections. Seven monochrome and decorative fabrics, selected by Marta Ferri, with a material and soft hand: monochrome or striped jacquard and bouclé yarns, to be combined ton sur ton or contrast, without prevailing over the material identity and the expressive figure of each Outdoor collection. The fabrics are inspired by shades of nature, where warmer tones, such as rust and dark brown, alternate with cooler ones such as blue or undergrowth green.
Considering the strong palette of materials of the Outdoor proposal, colors have been carefully coordinated. Organic tones such as rust, desert yellow, earth brown, olive green, and anthracite mean that pieces from disparate collections can live easily together. Molteni&C’s steadfast commitment to sustainability resides at the core of the new collection. It is a responsibility that is pursued in every step of production, from conception to the product’s end of life. The furniture in the collection is predominantly mono-material and sourced from certified supply chains, the parts are replaceable, and, as in the case of the upholstery, recyclable. The vitreous inserts of the Etna lava stone, used for the oven-baked enameling of the surfaces, come from the crushing of recycled glass from TV and PC monitors.
the designers
Molteni&C's two Outdoor collections are independent but dialogue with each other, thanks to mutual and sophisticated references in the details and in the common colour palette, which reflects typically Mediterranean colours, from the warm earthy tones to the hues of olive groves, to the shades of coastal vegetation: olive green, anthracite, ivory, burnished and desert yellow. The same shades are featured in the carpets: creations by Marta Ferri, Nicola Gallizia and Vincent Van Duysen add an extra touch of elegance to the Outdoor experience. The products are interpreted by the most important contemporary designers, from Foster + Partners to Ron Gilad, from Gio Ponti to artistic director Vincent Van Duysen.
Van Duysen
Multi-award-winning architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen is celebrated for his elegant minimalism and timeless aesthetic. As creative director, his vision has shaped every facet of the Molteni&C design journey since 2016.
Gio ponti
Legendary Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti revolutionized mid-20th-century design with his visionary creations. The Gio Ponti collection, which Molteni&C dedicates to the great designer, was formed in 2012 in partnership with the Gio Ponti Archives.
Yabu Pushelberg
For nearly 50 years, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have revolutionized the art of interiors. With deep expertise in all areas of interior architecture and design, the duo has mastered the marriage of elegance and light-heartedness, creating designs that tell a story.
Ron Gilad
Ron Gilad’s hybrid objects combine a practical ingenuity with an aesthetic effect which and are placed on a boundary between the abstract and functional.
Based in London, Foster + Partners is a globally acclaimed architectural firm, collaborating with Molteni&C to shape iconic designs within the world of modern interiors. Their commitment to innovation and sustainable design enriches our vision to create spaces that redefine contemporary living.
Marta Ferri
Making her debut in the world of furnishings, Marta Ferri is the talented young Italian couturier behind Molteni&C’s textile research. Born into an artistic family, Marta conveys a wealth of atmosphere, textile and color combinations as well as the attention to detail that stems from her cultural background.
Nicola Gallizia
In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C with a focus on new graphic projects, concept and product catalogues creation, stand designs for the main exhibitions, design and outfitting shops and events. He works as an image and product development consultant.
feeling embraced by
italian savoir faire
and inspired by what
surrounds us.
Vincent Van Duysen
Karl Blossfeldt, Chrysanthemum parthenium, before 1928
Karl Blossfeldt Archiv
Stiftung Ann und Jürgen Wilde, Bayerische
Staatsgemäldesammlungen, München
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