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Designed by Michael Anastassiades, the 1 2 3 chair embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort, emphasizing the essence of color and the purity of materials. Its name whimsically reflects the process of finding the ideal balance in the number of vertical slats adorning the backrest. After thoughtful consideration and testing, three slats were chosen, resulting in a structure that exudes elegance and lightness, embodying a refined synthesis of design principles.

Design Michael Anastassiades

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“I've always been drawn to chairs with open backs,” explains Michael Anastassiades, shedding light on the inspiration behind his creation. The absence of material in such chairs imbues them with visual lightness and a distinctive, iconic identity. This guiding concept led the designer on a journey of exploration, culminating in the selection of three precisely arranged vertical slats within a solid beech frame. Crafted and lacquered with care, the chair showcases seamless joinery techniques, enhancing its minimalist aesthetic.

“My mediation between lightness and comfort started as a simple exercise of finding an optimal number of vertical stats that could provide enough comfort but at the same time, maintain lightness and elegance of an almost transparent back. One being too little and Two still too precious, I decided to settle for Three.”

Michael Anastassiades

"Three slats also establish a rhythmic harmony, creating a subtle separation between the seated individual and the surrounding environment," notes the Cypriot designer, pleased with the outcome, and ever attuned to the interplay between object and user.

The 1 2 3 chair reimagines the classic slatted back chair with a contemporary twist, characterized by its distinctive geometry and dynamic profile. A fluid transformation along its structure, evident from the side view, imparts a sense of solidity and grace. The lacquered finish, available in refined shades of burgundy red or petroleum blue, complements the luxurious Utopia leather upholstery, evoking a feeling of understated opulence. Alternatively, two additional finishes are offered: a sleek option with a black lacquered frame and leather seat, and a versatile choice with a black lacquered frame adaptable to various fabrics and leathers from the Molteni&C Collection of textiles, curated by Marta Ferri.

Meticulous material selection and expert craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this chair, a testament to design precision and creative vision. The 1 2 3 chair emerges as a versatile addition, enriching any setting with its distinctive presence, characterized by geometric purity and graceful lightness.


Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades founded his studio in London in 1994. He trained as a civil engineer at London’s Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine before taking a masters degree in industrial design at the Royal College of Art.

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Michael Anastassiades

“The joint between the parts determines a decorative triangular-shape finished in brass which enhances the solidity of the frame and characterizes the elegance of the design.”

Michael Anastassiades

1 2 3

Technical Details

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