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Vincent Van Duysen brings his visionary touch to the outdoors with the Fairmount table, a meticulously crafted piece that embraces natural settings with elegance. Designed for the Landmark Collection, Fairmount seamlessly combines comfort and style, creating a captivating centerpiece for social gatherings.

Design Vincent Van Duysen

Technical Details

Crafted from exquisite solid teak, the Fairmount table highlights Molteni&C expertise in woodwork, merging the luxurious essence of teak with the emotional language of the Landmark Collection. The tabletop, available in rectangular or round shapes, presents a graceful interplay between substance and lightness.

In the rectangular version, Fairmount subtly references Vincent Van Duysen's Golden Gate table, featuring a base with two rectangular legs. The challenge lies in the suspended planks, ingeniously arranged to create a mesmerizing labyrinthine geometric figure, giving the illusion of a "floating" tabletop with a clever inclination.

Fairmount’s round-top version adopts a Y-shaped base, fostering a sense of conviviality and intimacy. The three solid beams extending from a central junction embrace the sociability associated with the round shape, making it an ideal choice for outdoor occasions.

Fairmount's dimensions cater to various preferences: Rectangular sizes include 220 cm and 280 cm lengths, both with a height of 74 cm. The round version boasts a 160 cm diameter, also standing at 74 cm height, while the tea table measures 120 cm in diameter with a height of 64 cm.

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This outdoor table is not only a visual delight but also a practical, low-maintenance choice. Crafted from raw materials sourced from controlled supply chains, Fairmount preserves the natural color of the wood without resorting to chemical treatments or harmful substances. The teakwood's high percentage of oily resin makes maintenance a breeze, requiring only periodic oiling using the dedicated maintenance kit provided by Molteni&C. Fairmount's monomateriality contributes to its sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a harmony of style and environmental consciousness.


Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen was born in 1962, in Lokeren, Belgium and graduated in architecture at the Higher Institute of Architecture Sint-Lucas, in Ghent. From 1986 to 1989 he worked in Milan and Brussels. He opened his own studio in Antwerp, in 1990 focusing on architecture and interior design. The relationship between interior design and architecture in his work is profound. Furnishings and accessories are designed with an architectural perspective that is not limited by form, but is expressed with a careful perception of interior space and its relationship to the exterior architecture. By interpreting architecture and redefining its proportions, Van Duysen creates objects of great purity and simplicity that still retain a concrete character and solid form.

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Vincent Van Duysen

“Protection is something very important that we all need and that is something that I want to translate into my architectural and design work”

Vincent Van Duysen


Technical Details

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